Hello ugly beautiful world!

Titian. Venus of Urbino. 1538 | obsolete? unprofessional? ugly?

Picasso. Nude with necklace. 1968 | modern? professional? beautiful?

Well, as any standard opening goes: hello world! Greedy, absurd… maybe even agonizing… yet so beautiful and pulsating world. Hello.

I don’t intend to be ultra original or purposely contrarian in my brief articles about the Architecture.  I do have serious intentions though to be radically truthful in evaluating such elusive topics as an absolute righteousness and perfect beauty. Things like these exist, even though today we are taught differently.  So, pardon me sanctimonious world, but I am going to spit in your face truth and truth only. Regardless to the fashionable trends, “generally accepted” views or almighty system of Political Correctness (which is probably the greatest threat to the civilization at the present time).

I am an Architect. Just like Him… (See, I wouldn’t call myself an atheist, rather a radical agnostic… therefore I would not disregard a Divine Presence  completely.) Anyway, being an Architect, a Supreme Creator if you wish, I can harangue about a deficient structure of our world. Or… let’s “put it boldly” *, what the hell…  I have a right to judge it.

And I am determined to take a full advantage of that self-proclaimed right.

I’m not gonna be (as most of today’s mainstream masterminds) a nice guy, who is plain, measured and syrupy in his so called “analytics”. Hell, no!

If I hate something I will be poisonous, nasty and nonsensically truthful. I won’t call a cultural crap an advanced artistic interpretation. Barbarians won’t be labeled as freedom fighters. Disastrous economic failures and white-collar crimes are not going to be camouflaged under mumbo-jumbo of “lagging indicators” and “risky assets”. Hey, to call things their real names is so bloody simple…

But most of all I am going to fight ugliness. Any kind of ugliness. We call ugly buildings – sufficient structures, ugly views and incompetence – freedom of religion and self-expression, ugly economics – free enterprise… We are full of crap, excuse my French! Our world is full of ugliness based on lies. And the amount of ugliness becomes critical, thus soon we will indeed stop to differ between true and false, hideous and elegant, good and evil. It has become a philosophical matter, related to the very existence of humanity.

I don’t want to live in a fake world behind the Looking-Glass, if you know what I mean.

That’s why the true purpose of this site is to display an absolute beauty (or an obvious lack of it) as the only possible alternative. Our world is designed to be a wonderful place… ‘cause after all, whoever (or whatever – gray-bearded G-d, mother-Nature, Big Bang physics…) has created us, He (She/It) is a pretty darn good Architect.

* “To put it boldly, it is the attempt at a posterior reconstruction of existence by the process of conceptualization.” Albert Einstein

3 Responses to “Hello ugly beautiful world!”
  1. David says:

    “the amount of ugliness has become critical”. True, but is there enough effort to reverse the damage and go back to beauty and truth?

  2. Collier says:

    I enjoy your passion.
    I believe “He” is a pretty darn good Architect and I’m glad you bear that image so purposefully.
    Please continue in the fight against lie-based ugliness.

    • Albert says:

      Thanks for support. At times it’s really frustrating to “fight” alone. But then you get one quick response and realize: the world is out there quietly listening…

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