POLL – Do you like modern ultra-tall skyscrapers?


October 2010 POLL

“The more people smoke herb, the more Babylon fall.”

Robert Nesta “BobMarley (1945-1981) Jamaican musician

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3 Responses to “POLL – Do you like modern ultra-tall skyscrapers?”
  1. D. None of the above. The correct answer is “It depends.” I don’t have anything specifically against tall buildings, except that most of them are ugly. And I don’t want to go to the top.

    • Albert says:

      It says “ULTRA-tall” though…
      Sure everything in life is “relative” and “dependable”, yet at times to radicalize opinions is FUN… and much more truthful even if it doesn’t perfectly FITS, isn’t it?

      • HobeenLee says:

        While I do personally admire ultra-tall skyscrapers (rather, I would call it supertall) solely for marvelling feat of engineering (yes I do also have obsession with tall things), I do also think it is too far-fetched to call them “impressive architecture”. Architecture is more so an art, a relationship with environments, and a series of interaction. Architecture has CONCEPTS. It must retain its character distinct from others. To call it an architecture those are some of first thing first. Techy things, sizes, amenities are distant second priority. One could make huge box buildings (say, 1 mile high cube) on a huge lot and so called “critics” can sing a song of phrase, calling it ARCHITECTURE. Yes it’s a one big ass cube. Yet, that’s not really an architecture. What is really the concept here? How does a cube interact with occupants? What is so special about that cube? Does it hold special memories, bring compelling experience? Or is it just big, with huge panoramic glass and metallic facade? Well until that is being answered, the jury is still out…

        Architecture doesn’t always have to be liked. Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye is a masterpiece, but I wouldn’t live there personally, as it doesn’t have contemporary technologies that I need for living… And neither is Habitat 67 looks hospitable. Love the engineering and concepts , hate seeing the reality of living there…

        And about the answer “it depends”, no new supertall architecture is being built. At least in this century… Burj Khalifa anyone? And don’t get me started on contemporary apartments being built in SK…

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