Top11: architectural miracles that will NOT happen in 2011


Top-11: architectural miracles that will NOT happen in 2011

Let’s start? It’s going to be fun, I promise…

1. Forget about Dubai. Architectural boom is over for them… and for us.

2. Abu Dhabi, Bahrein… sorry it will not replace Dubai miracle.

3. China? 2010 was great for the architectural firms operating on Chinese market. But it will NOT get any better than this. Let’s hope it will not collapse (as a reminder please see topic 1).

4. Western markets will not come back to life for the architects. Ireland, Iceland, Spain and other economies that had provided nice opportunities for the architects 3 years ago are DEAD. The building industry is in deep freeze for many years to come… Same goes for the USA…

Ok we’re done with the local issues. It was easy, let’s move on.


5. Even if the markets somehow recover (very low chance) the construction industry will be the last one to return to the normal growth. Usually architectural field follows the developers. This means we are not the last person in the line of the economic recovery, we are BEHIND the last one.

6. Ridiculously low architectural fees will shrink even more. Simple logic – markets are in terrible shape, builders cannot get the loans, customers are not able to afford the new homes, businesses are not renting new offices, and the competition remains high… How can you expect any positive change in the fee’s structure?

7. Using the same logic it is very simple to predict that unemployment among the architects will grow. If you are unemployed now – don’t expect do find any decent architectural position in the future. Sorry to disappoint you.

8. Engineering firms, marketing consultants, governmental bodies will bite another piece from the architectural services, as any active developer / builder will try “to optimize” their costs. Knowing how they “respect” architects and given the current circumstances this should not be a surprise for us.

Not gloomy enough? Wait…


9. Cheap labor from India will be much more aggressive. Outsourcing works. Look at the high-tech industries. Nobody cares about the quality. So even experienced CAD technicians have to be concerned, not to mention architects which are not so good with the computers. This trend is irreversible.

10. Employees will be facing enormous pressure from their bosses, as the industry is sinking. Bonuses? Keep dreaming… Salary raise? Get real… Over-time? Yes, plenty. And no one is going to pay you for this. Be thankful for not being fired… yet.

And some optimism for the finish.


11. Apocalypse will not happen in 2011. We all know it’s going to be a bit later.



Now… don’t get me wrong. I am not above you. Oh, no! We are all in the same shitty boat. I just accept fate humorously… Let’s hope I am totally wrong. See you next year.
Marry X-mas and Happy New 2011, ladies.

P.S. That girl on the “cover page” has been placed to make you feel better. Chicks still “dig” architects.


4 Responses to “Top11: architectural miracles that will NOT happen in 2011”
  1. Collier says:

    I can not debate any of these points.
    In fact, I’d like to add a twelfth miracle that (hasn’t happened and probably) won’t happen in 2011:

    There will be no green-job renaissance to spur architectural commissions.

    I’ve got a couple of productive decades in me still.
    If there’s a way to bring about a new golden age of architecture, I’m going to find it…

    • Albert says:

      “A couple of decades”? See Topic 11. I doubt we have “decades”, don’t you know what’s coming AFTER 2011?

      • I am afraid that you are correct with the above list… and like you and all of us in the profession, I really hope that you are wrong! Maybe it is time to create a new style, a new vision adapted to our (so far pathetic !) beginning of a new century. Not only we must survive, but we must succeed. Time for a big change worldwide in every field. Although I think that it is going to get much worst before it will get better, in a way, we may very well be at the beginning of another renaissance…. Time will tell!
        Let’s get to work and create the next cultural, artistic and economic revolution.
        Someone has to do it! Why not us?

        • Albert says:

          Perfect “Why” as an addition to my pessimistic series of essays named “Why?”.
          You are right Christian, whatever happens… we cannot stop the economic disaster, but we still can change the world. Isn’t it? Somebody always has to make things right. So WHY NOT US?

          (I am glad people see my sarcasm and good intentions behind the “scary face” of the Colonel Walter E. Kurtz.)

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