One “tear of a child” in a sea of stinky journalism

Stop Plagiarism

Architecture is the only art where plagiarism is partially acceptable. It’s a known paradox… Yet such paradox cannot be applied to the literature about architecture…

This is MADness

This is MADness.

…for many people a brand name attached to the project matters more than the project itself.

Why III or Why we don’t fight?

Why so serious?

Architect is the only profession directly associated with an absolute power of Creation. So why, why being born as Creators we have become slaves?


Frank Gehry or Mark Zuckerberg

Architecture is an absolute gerontocracy. Isn’t it pathetic?


What is your -ism? Pick the right one...

Stick to the “–ism” before you design the project. Use Latin words, rather than intellect. Make sure you have trendy name first. There’s no need to worry about the clever design and the devil which is stuck in the details…

I see poor people

So really, how much architects make? Here are the numbers.

Here’s a chart of the architectural incomes around the world. Those numbers are coming from the personal answers. Maybe this isn’t is a super-objective database. However the trend is crystal clear…

My project of the year 2010

"8" by Bjarke Ingels Group | Copenhagen, Denmark

…if I ever meet you, Bjarke Ingels, drinks on me. It will be my privilege.



How come that no one knows that behind every rich developer is a smart architect? It might be funny but this is so true. We are the brain of the project.

Form & Function: degradation of the dilemma

Pure Form | Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao (Gehry)

Instead of elegant forms we get monstrous deformations, instead of clear vision comes distorted chaos, instead of the original ideas repetitive self-caricatures are presented, instead of the music we hear cacophony…

3T Architecture. What modern architects CAN do…

"Theoretician" Le Corbusier | "Talker" Zaha | "Trader" No Name

…architecture is not the top priority on the modern architects’ list. In fact all modern architects can be divided into 3 groups (not by the size, but by the nature of what they do), and those groups could be stylishly nicknamed 3T: Theoreticians, Talkers and Traders.

Video – James H. Kunstler dissects suburbia

The National Automobile Slum

The immersive ugliness of our everyday environments in America is entropy made visible. We can’t overestimate the amount of despair that we are generating with places like this.

Architecture and Rock-n-Roll are dead.

Stairway to Heaven

Funny, but the best rock ballade of all times sounds very… architecturally, it’s called “Stairway to Heaven”. I think Frank Lloyd Wright would love Led Zeppelin, after all in the Guggenheim Museum he introduced pretty cool solution for such stairway…

Why modern architects are so untalented.

Raphael. The School of Athens,1509

Let’s cut the bullshit, modern architects are not creative souls or passionate intellectuals looking for golden ratio or universal harmony in School of Athens debate. Mostly they are a bunch of low-level manufacturers, which are very far from any creative impulses not to mention a Divine intervention…

Why modern architecture is so hideous.

Basilica Sancti Petri

Modern architecture sucks. You know why? Because architects suck. Simple as that. They suck in their central role – role of being Gods presenting world with the original creations.